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Top NGO in Karnataka - AiR Humanitarian Homes (NGO Chikkagubbi, NGO Bannerghatta) AiR Humanitarian Homes is one of the best NGOs in Karnataka. In fact, it is one of the top NGOs in Karnataka . In our relentless endeavour to positively impact lives of the marginalised, the ostracised, the abandoned, the underprivileged, we have been able to transform over 50,000 lives since we started operations in 1998. Our aim is to reduce the pain and suffering of humanity, of the needy, the economically impoverished and trigger a transformation to make a difference in their lives. As AiR, the founder of AiR Humanitarian Homes says, ‘Our goal is to pick people up from the street and put them back on their feet.’

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Our residents include the elderly, women and children, the physically and mentally challenged, the diseased, victims of accidents, abuse, burns, the neglected and the abandoned. All our residents are destitute and count on us to help them. Other NGOs, police, hospitals, social service workers, the public, Good Samaritans refer people to us or personally bring them to us. We also run a 24/7 helpline number dedicated to the service of the poor. Anyone can call us and inform us about the whereabouts of such needy individuals. And then we simply take over. We dispatch an ambulance with our service team to provide immediate medical assistance and bring them to AiR Humanitarian Homes. We have a small fleet of ambulances to tend to such cases. Once admitted, our team of doctors examines them after which they are treated, rehabilitated and either sent back home, or if the need be, sent to other charitable homes or NGOs. Some people continue to stay with us. We have our own team of resident doctors, nurses, attendants. We offer counselling and physiotherapy as well. What distinguishes us from other NGOs is that our homes are not just a shelter. They are actually homes for those without a family. We care for them and nurture them. We have celebrations. We observe festivals. We have recreational facilities and a lot of corporates, colleges and donors volunteer to engage with our residents. Not only do we provide our residents with shelter, wholesome food and other necessities and basic medical assistance, but we also organize specialised treatments, surgeries (at our partnering hospitals), medical equipment and aids (like wheelchairs) and prosthetics. For these we regularly organize crowdfunding campaigns and fundraisers.

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→ Donate: Financial contributions are essential to be in operation. You can contribute your preferred amount to us.. You can make one-time or recurring donations to us.

→ Corporate Social Responsibility: If you're part of a business or organization, consider implementing corporate social responsibility initiatives to help us.

→ Donate Supplies: Donate food items, household items, furniture, and clothing, cleaning agents & other day to day essentials to us .

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Your generous contribution has the power to transform lives and bring hope to those in need. Together, we can make a difference, one donation at a time.

Sneak peek into our work

With two ambulances at each of our facilities, our team is equipped to engage quickly and effectively reach the ones in need.

Our homes have a resident doctor and a team of nurses who provide first aid and emergency response to the ones who are rescued.

In order to ease pain and enable speedy recovery, the team also includes a highly trained and experienced physiotherapist.

While many look at the physical hardship one goes through, we aim to also focus on the mental wellbeing of the people we bring in. This helps the residents develop the will to live and regain hope.

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