55-year-old Jagadish, a destitute, was abandoned by his family.

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55-year-old Jagadish, a destitute, was abandoned by his family. He used to beg to make ends meet. He was rescued by us a year ago when he was found lying near Hanumanthnagar with an untreated leg injury and a maggot-infested wound. While his earlier wounds have healed, he has fractured his right leg because of a fall. He requires an open reduction and internal fixation surgery. Our goal is to raise Rs. 35,000 for his procedure.

Please support us and donate so that Jagadish can regain mobility and live a normal life. A little help goes a long way. His first step will pave the way for him to be happier tomorrow.

Donate through UPI, all debit/credit cards and net banking.

Charitable donations to this fundraising campaign are tax exempted under 80G of the Income Tax Act (India), & 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (USA).

We at AiR Humanitarian Homes endeavour to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged.

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Crowdfunding is the practice of raising funds or money, usually online, to support a cause. The goal is to raise money from a large number of people who can contribute as little or as much as they can or want to. With so many contributions and donations from a large number of contributors, goals are, relatively, easier to meet.

Medical crowdfunding refers to the practice of raising money online for medical treatments, medical care, surgeries or prosthetics from donors, through websites. Medical crowdfunding has become extremely popular. Links of causes for which funds are being raised are shared on social media and it is possible to quickly and effectively raise the money needed for any medical cause or emergency. It is better than traditional fundraising where one has to invite people, host events and market their cause to gather support for it.

Yes, crowdfunding is permitted in India, provided it is for creative, personal, non-profit, medical reasons and is substantiated with relevant documents. However, equity based crowdfunding is prohibited by SEBI in India.

No, any funding that comes as donations is not returned. Contributors and donors contribute or donate money without receiving anything in return. Equity based crowdfunding is prohibited in India.

To start with, visit our website. You would need to click on ‘Start A Fundraiser’ and choose your cause (medical, personal, non-profit, creative). Next, submit relevant personal details (name, phone number, email ID) and the required documents. After this, you can write your story and share it.

Medical loans take time to be sanctioned and need to be repaid with interest, which is often very high, but medical crowdfunding is quick and need not be repaid.

AiR Humanitarian Homes is a well known, trustworthy NGO in Bangalore. It is, in fact, one of the best NGOs in India. It is dedicated to serving the poor, the abandoned, the homeless — the destitute who are suffering and in pain. The people we rescue and raise funds for have no monetary resources nor family or friends who can help or support them. We believe that each individual deserves good health and a fair chance at life, so we rally for the destitute and the marginalised, who are often neglected and ostracised.

While we accept donations, it is only for the welfare and services of the destitute people sheltered in our homes. AiR Humanitarian Homes is one of the best NGOs in India. We shelter and care for the poor and the homeless. We raise funds for the diseased from economically impoverished backgrounds. Not only do we raise funds for them, but also ensure that they receive treatment, recover and are rehabilitated. We have a crowdfunding page where we try to raise funds for treatments or surgeries.
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